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MSR2024 - Lisbon - 14 april 2024

AndroZoo: A Retrospective with a Glimpse into the Future

Marco Alecci, Pedro J. R. Jiménez, Kevin Allix, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein

In 2016, we released AndroZoo, a continuously expanding dataset of Android applications that aggregates apps from various sources, including the official Google Play app market. As of today, AndroZoo ...

Accepted at ICSE2024 - Lisbon - 14 april 2024

Revisiting Android App Categorization

Marco Alecci, Jordan Samhi, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein

Numerous tools rely on automatic categorization of Android apps as part of their methodology. However, incorrect categorization can lead to inaccurate outcomes, such as a malware detector wrongly flag...

TDSC - Transactions on Dependable and Secure Computing. - 22 january 2024

Improving Logic Bomb Identification in Android Apps via Context-Aware Anomaly Detection

Marco Alecci, Jordan Samhi, Li Li, Tegawendé F. Bissyandé, Jacques Klein

One prominent tactic used to keep malicious behavior from being detected during dynamic test campaigns is logic bombs, where malicious operations are triggered only when specific conditions are satisf...

RAID2023 - Hong Kong - 16 october 2023

Your Attack Is Too DUMB: Formalizing Attacker Scenarios for Adversarial Transferability

Marco Alecci, Mauro Conti, Francesco Marchiori, Luca Martinelli, Luca Pajola

Evasion attacks are a threat to machine learning models, where adversaries attempt to affect classifiers by injecting malicious samples. An alarming side-effect of evasion attacks is their ability to ...

RAID2023 - Hong Kong - 16 october 2023

Beware of Pickpockets: A Practical Attack against Blocking Cards

Marco Alecci, Luca Attanasio, Alessandro Brighente, Mauro Conti, Eleonora Losiouk, Hideki Ochiai, Federico Turrin

Today, we rely on contactless smart cards to perform several critical operations (e.g., payments and accessing buildings). Attacking smart cards can have severe consequences, such as losing money or l...

CLEF (Working Notes) - 21 semptember 2021

Development of an IR System for Argument Search.

Marco Alecci, Tommaso Baldo, Luca Martinelli, Elia Ziroldo

Search engines are the easiest way to find the information that we need in our daily life, and they have became more and more powerful in the last years. Anyway, they are still far from perfection, an...

arXiv preprint arXiv:2010.10639 - 20 october 2020

Mascara: A Novel Attack Leveraging Android Virtualization

Marco Alecci, Riccardo Cestaro, Mauro Conti, Ketan Kanishka, Eleonora Losiouk

Android virtualization enables an app to create a virtual environment, in which other apps can run. Originally designed to overcome the limitations of mobile apps dimensions, malicious developers soon...


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